Protect Your Bong from Tipping

Binger Clinger ™ is patent pending device that attaches to the bottom of your glass water pipe and helps reduce tipping. Universal in design, it is a one size fits most approach, tested on a variety of base shapes, including bubble bases, straight-shot, and beaker shaped bases, on glass water pipes up to 2 feet tall (The glass water pipes pictured on this page range in size from 1 to 1.5 feet tall, with bubble, beaker, and straight-shot bases).


The cover is a soft, stretchy material that “clings” to your water pipe base, fitting snug. With the cover and the extended circular base, your water pipe will become more stable and instantly less resistant to tipping. The Binger Clinger ™ will allow for your water pipe to stay steadier, and addresses tipping motion both before a tip and during a tip.

Binger Clinger was born in San Diego, California. The inventors, after inadvertently breaking one too many glass water pipes, wished there was some way of keeping their glass pipes from tipping over. Just after cleaning spilled water pipe water and a broken stem, the idea came for the product and after months of researching, designing and testing, the Binger Clinger was born! We hope you enjoy the Binger Clinger as much as we do!