Tired of Tipping your Glass?

Introducing Binger Clinger

Are you tired of watching your glass water pipe tumble over, spilling dirty water or shattering into millions of heart-breaking pieces? Introducing the Binger Clinger. Savin’ your glass one nudge at a time. Binger Clinger is a revolutionary new product that helps save your glass piece! It’s patented design helps reduce tipping, meaning less breaking and replacing your piece, and less spilling and dirty water to clean up. The Binger Clinger is designed to fit most shapes and sizes of glass water pipes, snug and friendly. So don’t leave your glass unprotected anymore! You don’t have to! Let the Binger Clinger help keep your favorite piece standing tall.


Learn all about the Binger Clinger, what it does and how it works, view specs, and hear about where the idea came from.

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Watch Binger Clinger attach to different glass pipes and watch them get kicked around, tossed, and held upside down!

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