Watch it Work

Broken a few bongs? Until now there wasn’t a whole lot that you could do about it. Watch below as the Binger Clinger is attached to different sizes and base shapes of glass bongs and see them get kicked, tossed, hung upside down and shaken around – without tipping over!

Universal Fit & No Tip

Binger Clinger has a one size fits most universal fit. Watch as the Binger Clinger is knocked around on a straight-shot base, bubble base, and beaker base with NO tipping!

Clings On Like Glue

We don’t recommend trying this at home… but.. it’ll do this! Check out a glass water pipe being held upside down by a Binger Clinger. It clings that tight!

Close Up Movement

This is a close up shot of a Binger Clinger attached to the base of a glass water pipe. Binger Clinger is a soft, non-intrusive device that attaches nice and snug, gripping to the base of most shapes of glass water pipe bases.

More Stable Base

You can now set your piece down next to you and don’t have to worry about placing it on a perfectly flat surface. Convenient for use.

How To Do

See how to attach a Binger Clinger to your piece on step at a time.

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