Say Goodbye to Easy Tipping

Tired of easy tip overs on your glass piece? Attach a Binger Clinger to your glass water pipe, smoke with it attached, set it down on surfaces knowing it will be steadier, and have peace of mind knowing that it will be less likely to tip over if you accidentally nudge it. Binger Clinger is a true bong protector. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. Your glass piece will gladly thank you!

Binger Clinger will help keep your glass water pipe more steady and reduce tipping. The patent pending design is universal- applying to many base shapes and sizes, tested up to 2 ft tall, and with its stretchy cover is a non-intrusive application. It “clings on” to the bottom of your glass water pipe, holding it in place with its stretchy cover and almost vacuum seal like approach, and centripetal force and shock absorption work to reduce tips by correcting tipping action. The wide circular base also acts as an extended base, keeping your glass piece more steady on surfaces. Try one today!