Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it made out of?

A hard plastic base, a silicone rubber pad, and a latex boot.  The pad gives shock absorption and grip to the bottom of the pipe. The latex boot is then treated for UV protection and polished with silicone to prevent oxidation and moisture penetration. This greatly extends the durability and lifespan of the latex.

What are the dimensions?

11″ / 280mm diameter, 0.3″ / 8mm thick

Can the water pipe still tip over?

With enough force all water pipes will tip over. The Binger Clinger is good, but not defy the laws of physics good. The latex forms a vacuum seal around the bottom of the pipe to seal it to the pad and plate, effectively giving it an 11″ base. This creates a much, much, more stable equilibrium for the water pipe as well as adding significant shock absorption.

What happens if the cherry falls on it?

First, brush it off. Second, the boot has been treated with heat-resistant silicone which enhances its ability to withstand a cherry. A cherry will not catch the device on fire, but it could put a small hole where it lands unless its removed promptly. Latex melts at 350F(176C), and cherries typically burn at about 800F(427C). In testing, cherries removed before five seconds do not put holes in the boot. If a hole does happen to melt, duct tape works great to patch the hole for continued use.

Can I leave the Binger Clinger on during water changes?

Yes, you can. The Binger Clinger boot is treated with a special silicone polish that helps it to repel water, however water is a natural enemy to latex and the less exposure to moisture the better. Make sure to wipe off any excess water after the change.

How should I put the Binger Clinger on my water pipe?

Instructions be found here.

What happens if I get a small hole or tear on the cover?

It holds cars together at 200 mph and it will hold your boot together too. That’s right: duct tape. Cut off a piece slightly targer than the hole or the tear and apply it directly underneath the problem area. Avoid applying a patch more than 1 or 2 cm beyond the affected area. This can cause uneven tension and weak spots in the latex which can lead to tears.

Why is there discoloration?

The Binger Clinger uses a sturdy latex which has been UV treated and polished with a special silicone treatment to reduce wear and the natural oxidation process on the boot. However the boot is made out of natural latex, and therefore is ultimately susceptible to the natural wear process. As the rubber interacts with oxygen and moisture it oxidizes which can change the color of the surface. This discoloration does not hurt the effectiveness of the Binger Clinger.

Why has the collar rolled up around the edges?

The increased movements around the collar from removing and applying the Binger Clinger to the water pipe may lead to a crinkling or rolling effect around the lip over time, This is normal and does not reduce the effectiveness of the device.

Binger Clinger Care

The Binger Clinger contains three pieces.

1) The plate, which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

2) The pad, which is made from rubber

3) The boot, which is made from natural latex

Here are three basic principles to get the most life out of the boot:

1) Avoid excessive moisture – Water will naturally get on the boot of the device during water changes, but it should be wiped off right away.

2) Avoid oil solvents of any kind – Oil is an enemy to latex and will cause the latex to weaken prematurely

3) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight – While the rubber is treated with a UV protector, ultimately the sun still wins and direct light will accelerate wear. If you use it outside, try to park it in the shade.

Latex Warning

Our product contains latex. If you have a latex allergy DO NOT USE this product.