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How to Fix a Broken Bong

Know what it’s like to have a favorite glass bong get tipped over and break, again? We do. This has happened to us so many times in the past before the invention of the Binger Clinger came along to keep our pieces safe, that it’s upsetting thinking about these times with past glass bongs.

So what do you do when you break or crack your glass bong? Is it possible to fix or repair your broken piece? It depends on a few things, but in some situations it is possible to successfully patch up a crack or seal a broken section. These are some of the top tips for repairing a broken bong:

1. Assess the damage

Sadly, not all bong breaks are repairable. Depending on the extent of the damage it might be time to purchase a new one. For example, if the break is not clean or in if there are glass shards everywhere, it is much less likely that repair is possible. On the other hand, if it is a small clean break, there are things that can be done.

2. Choose material / technique

The second step is to select your material. Different adhesives can be used to hold together or seal the portion of the bong that has cracked or broken. Please note that note everything intended for holding things together can work on a glass water pipe. For example, Super Glue should never be used as it is highly toxic and it does not stick well to glass. The same holds true for other substances that would otherwise work as adhesives but are not conducive to sealing glass or a heated or fragile product.

a. Duct tape

Duct tape works wonders. If your bong has a clean break or a small crack (do not try repairing if there is glass dust or chards) then a piece of duct tape over each area where the glass is broken can prove helpful. Duct tape is very durable and strong. Be sure to purchase true duct tape, and not one of those imposter brands that names itself something similar to “duct” tape but is in fact a much less sticky, less durable, imitation tape. Find a thick tape in a reliable brand labeled as “duct” tape. It is mean to hold up and is able to withstand moderate heat (note: don’t use near areas that get significant heat).

b. Food grade Silicone Glue or Epoxy

Food grade epoxy or food grade silicone are two additional products that can be helpful for minor bong repair. Silicone is fairly easy to use, is waterproof, and can stand up to a decent amount of heat. It does take a few hours to set so you’ll need to be patient when waiting for this process to complete. Epoxy is much quicker to set at just a few minutes time and it is a pretty strong adhesive. Epoxy can get waterlogged though, and is recommended only for clean breaks.

Both of these substances can be used on chips or cracks, but only epoxy is considered strong enough to hold pieces together (please be careful, as this is not what we would consider a permanent solution).

How to keep your bong safer in the future?

A best approach is a preventative approach. Keep your bong stored out of the way of pets and in safe corners or positions that are out of heavy foot traffic. Edges of tables or places near feet are also not advisable.

But if you really want to keep your bong safe, check out our Binger Clingers or watch some videos of bongs not tipping over when kicked or knocked while they were wearing their trustee Binger Clinger. We wish all of you the best and wish all bongs a safe bong-life.